Wednesday, March 24, 2004

With all due respect to Page 6
What internationally successful Canadian rock star was dropped last week from his or her record label here at home?

11:27pm EST... Toronto's major alt.weekly, NOW, just hit the streets and seems Tim Perlich, their man at SXSW, has beaten everyone to this story - the above referring to Danko Jones who was told on Mar. 16 that Universal would no longer require his services. NOW's story can be found here. Cheers to Perlich for getting it. With Jones at SXSW this past week it stood to reason that the story would break there and then, but, as far as I can tell, Perlich is the first and, for now, only reporter to pick up on it. By my count, The Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, CanWest News Service, and Chart had reporters on the ground in Austin (Maclean's did as well, but couldn't have done much with any scoop given their weekly status). And yet we all slept on this? What happened? Did we just not care?

P.S. Those who are fascinated by the funny nature of news cycles should keep a close eye on the music press over the next few days - see how long it takes for this story to make the rounds. Consider that on the same day Danko was getting dumped, our lil' Avril was pooping her pants in Boston. And we know how efficiently that story made the rounds...

Mar. 16 - While taping interview with Boston radio show, Avril has a temper tantrum.
Mar. 17 - Boston Herald first reports tantrum.
Mar. 23 - Ottawa Sun takes notice. Canadian Press, conceivably, sees the Ottawa Sun report and mirrors it. As does Chart.
Mar. 24 - Toronto Sun reprints CP report. Fellow Sun media papers, the Winnipeg Sun and London Free Press follow suit.

Only in entertainment journalism could a story be deemed worthy of front page mention (as it was with the Toronto Sun today), a FULL WEEK after the event in question actually occurred.

(Full disclosure: I made passing reference to the Avril tantrum in my Monday column about Courtney Love.)

I know, I know. It's just Avril. And it's just some Canadian rock band that's big in Sweden. But still...

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