Saturday, March 20, 2004

Tonight a rock star saved my life
Alright. "Life" might be a tad extreme. Maybe just "night." But still...
A screening of Greendale not the best way to start your Friday morning. Afternoon spent lamenting (in no specific order):
1) Kurt Cobain memorial coverage
2) Dave Eggers' new column in Spin
3) Gossip being more important than Music
4) Courtney Love
5) People who wish Courtney Love was dead
6) Hotdogs
7) The elusiveness of a tape of Courtney Love on Letterman

Anyway. Dragged sorry ass to Matt Mays show at the Horseshoe. Folks there from EMI, Universal, Warner, etc... surely won't be long now.
Somehow conjured up the morning ghosts of Greendale and the long-dead ghosts of Cobain. Made my ears hurt. All went home happy.

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