Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Tears of a clown
Don't persecute the kid because he wears make-up. This kid needs help. His poor, innocent mind is being corrupted by Good Charlotte. So much so that he's taking make-up tips from them. Listen, young man, if you like the make-up and the rock n' roll, listen to Marilyn Manson or, heck, dig out your mom's old KISS records. Or try some Duran Duran. Er, actually, scratch that last one.
Then again, kid sounds awfully enlightened - maybe more so than the guardians of decency and virtue running his school board:
"I don't think I'm goth. I don't think I'm punk . . . I'd call me, me."
Words to live by kids. Words to live by.
If Good Charlotte - or their publicist - know what they're doing, they'll publicly voice their support for this kid. Maybe give him a call and tell him to keep sticking it to The Man. Maybe tell him he's, like, gonna be, like, a Rosa Parks for young male punks who would prefer to wear, like, make-up at school. And stuff.

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