Monday, March 22, 2004

"On a few of the tracks I think I've finally figured out how to write a chorus!!"
New LP from Ron Sexsmith, Retriever, has arrived. As advertised, it's a much more electric album (more insightful commentary to come once I've given it a few listens). Tracklisting, with comments from Ron:
1. "Hard Bargain is one part love song, one part letter to God"
2. "Imaginary Friends is a sort of cautionary children's song"
3. "Not About to Lose is a pretty straightforward track about um... defiance I guess"
4. "Tomorrow in Her Eyes is a love song that features another attempt by me on piano"
5. "From Now On is a song about vigilance in an age of fear mongering 'Prop-Agenda'"
6. "For the Driver is a simple hymn like tune about forgiveness and seeing another point of view"
7. "Wishing Wells is more of a 'rocker' written after a night of shockingly bad television"
8. "Whatever It Takes is a kind of tribute to Bill Withers (one of my heroes) and lyrically it's about trying hard not to screw up a good thing"
9. "Dandelion Wine is a very bittersweet tune, and more confessional than I normally like to get but felt it necessary to write somehow"
10. "Happiness kicks around the idea of pursuing something we're already in possession of"
11. "How on Earth is one of the most romantic songs I've ever written (probably not for the cynical)"
12. "I Know It Well is a direct lyric about reassurance"

Ed Harcourt appears on piano.
Travis' Neil Primrose and Dougie Payne appear on drums and bass respectively on several songs.
Release Date: April 20

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