Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Myth of the Underground
You really should take a moment (doesn't need to be right now, but soonish) to listen to Toronto's Lenin i Shumov. In their own words: "Lenin i Shumov sing in Russian and play in music."
In mine: Brilliant, thrilling, noisy, brassy, post-communist chaos fronted by an angry, diary-reading, Russian David Byrne. Plus, Carl Wilson likes them. Two tracks on the website to sample.

Then, seek out I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't. Maybe the best band name ever (even if only the Canadian kids are going to get it). Music's pretty great too. Frantic, strife-stricken, screamy post-punk. All desperation and panic. Sometimes even with tunes. Sort of. Heard a song on the Toronto is Great!!! compilation. Impressed. Went out and bought the album. Very impressed. Plus, Carl Wilson likes them.

P.S. It says here that Lenin i Shumov play the Casa Del Popolo in Montreal this Sunday. They're back in Toronto April 9 to play the Drake Hotel. Then apparently they're in NYC for a North American Russian Rock Festival, May 2. Seriously.

P.P.S. Those fresh back from Austin are saying UK outfit Goldrush are worth a listen. Plus they're "cute." I tend to agree. On both accounts. Inevitable Coldplay comparisons. Not that that's always a bad thing. (Carl Wilson has not yet offered an opinion on them, so you'll just have to take my word for it.) Songs here, here, and here. More info here, here, here and here.

P.P.P.S. I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't sounds even better in French when it's Je Peux Rettacher Mon Bras Toi Non.

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