Saturday, March 20, 2004

my heart and mind are opening to newness and discovery
The latest word(s) from Hawksley Workman:

i regret to say i have to cancel the next run of shows. i have suffered what the doctor calls trauma to my right ear. it happened during my show in paris. somehow i sustained a damaging blast of volume in my monitor on stage that has left my right ear ringing and unable to hear high frequency sound. i admit i am a tad worried... which is why i have heeded my doctor's recommendation to submit myself to a few weeks quiet. i am disappointed to have to go home early. our first half of the french tour was wonderful... and should have continued that way in to the rest of europe and canada. however with this time off... i should recover to near normal. beyond this minor turmoil... my heart and mind are opening to newness and discovery. i hear two new records in my head at the moment... and have been faithfully writing. a few weeks ago i visited bangladesh to host a television documentary about child labour in the garment industry there. the country and its people inspired me greatly. i am feeling that it is a good time to take good ideas and well meant intentions to task. to hold dear to your truths and beauties and humbly commit to employing them faithfully. i know these are lofty statements... and aren't my typical poetic codes... so i leave you with this...

i watched horses by the airport this morning. babies touched their mothers as the planes came and went. the sun struggled to be seen through the typical haze of a london morning. it was green around them and they stood naive and beautiful. sometimes such simplicities make me weepy. a man was planting flowers in the city garden last sunday. the sidewalk held them in. a breeze is still a breeze i thought. and these little flowers know it. winter has passed and spring has come with its resurrection and promise. i shall never take for granted my fortune of knowing winter turning to spring. i will roll up, one day, and be eaten lovingly... drunk like a rose petal tea... and feel the warm new breath of a beginning that i only distantly understand.

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