Tuesday, March 2, 2004

More Gogo/Terrorism is funny
The Globe and Mail stirs from winter hibernation and takes note of the Juno controversy. Paragraphs seven and eleven seem awfully familiar... hmm... where have we read those before... hmm...

Anyway. The only thing more embarrassing than the Junos is apparently some of the coverage of said awards. I don't know Steve Tilley of the Edmonton Sun, so I can't even begin to ponder his motives, but within this story about the Junos coming to Edmonton, you will find this observation:

"We're a Juno-mad town, and yesterday's key Juno announcements (new performers at the telecast, details about the events around town leading up to the big show and other tidbits) packed the house at the venerable downtown bar. A well-placed explosive could have wiped out a good chunk of Edmonton's radio, TV and print media representatives, not to mention key members of the corporate and government communities. Good thing nobody thought of that until now."

Er. Um. Uh. Aren't they arresting people in the States for even thinking things like that?

Not that Steve should be arrested by any means. But when things like this, this, and this, and, oh yeah, this are happening on a regular basis around the world, maybe it's best to keep the terrorism jokes to yourself.

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