Tuesday, March 23, 2004

It's the simple things that crush
A few years ago Scotland's Delgados went and made one of the best records I've ever heard. Seriously. The Great Eastern. Others may have missed its brilliance. Their loss.
I wasn't so keen on their follow-up, Hate. Mr. Rayner speaks highly of it though - as he does the rest of their back catalogue.
Anyway. The point of this story is that they were in Toronto this evening to play Lee's Palace and I quite unexpectedly found myself in attendance. Fine show. Cheers to bass players who chug wine straight from the bottle. Great opportunity to renew my crush on the remarkable Emma Pollock.
Much of the set, to my delight, was devoted to Great Eastern material. Two new songs: One that reminded me of Nirvana (though everything reminds me of Nirvana these days) and one that was as close as The Delgados are ever going to get to California pop.
Special commendation to the long-haired fellow near the front who courageously launched into a solo pogo during various high points.

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