Thursday, March 25, 2004

"It's a blessing that they let us go"
Danko chimes in via e-mail:

"The reason Universal gave us as to why we got dropped (or rather why they won't pick up the 3rd option on our contract), was that we weren't doing enough Canadian dates. They were dropping us only 5.5 months into the release of this new record. Obviously they won't work the record from here on in...it's dead in the water...

"Meanwhile we are doing very well internationally and on Monday March 29th I leave for 5 months to go on tour abroad and come home September 6th. It seems by their reason, that the better a Canadian band does internationally the worse they get treated by their domestic label...

"I don't mean to stir the pot of shit 'cause things are looking great for us and it's a blessing that they let us go. But by my saying certain things they are trying to act like they are the victims and that's just upside down."

I take his last sentence to be in reference to his rather controversial comments to Ben Rayner and others. Apparently he went even a step further with CBC News Sunday and Uptown Mag in Winnipeg (story here). In the Perlich piece below he makes the direct connection between those comments and his being dropped.

More to come surely. Still trying to get a response out of Universal.

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