Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Is there something in the water?
Danko Jones has some complaints. Well, one big complaint actually - that being that the Canadian music industry has failed him and his band.
You have to marvel at a mid-level Canadian rock band finding fault with a system that includes the sort of CanCon regulations and government funding that have allowed them to exist in the first place. Someone ask Danko how many government loans and grants he's received? Or whether he really thinks his band's singles and videos would have received as much airplay if radio stations and MuchMusic weren't forced by the federal government to devote a good percentage of their programming to Canadian content?
Worse is the idea that Canadians somehow owe these bands attention - that it's disgraceful that Sweden loves Danko more than Canada loves Danko. He's one of us, right? And we've got to support our own. Even if we don't find their music all that interesting.
Blame Universal if you like. Maybe they didn't give you priority. Such are the perils of putting your faith in a major label.
(We'll save our blame for the CanCon system that encourages this attitude of entitlement.)
But Danko, you aren't owed anything here. So go to Sweden. Get paid. Whatever you gotta do to ensure you can pay us back for all those government loans.

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