Tuesday, March 2, 2004

I think we're alone now...
Canada's bratty kid sister is taking a lot of crap for this. But let's consider lil' Avril's options right now.
Anyone who saw her arena tour last year knows that even though she can fill the seats, she can't fill the stage. At the same time, smaller venues - bars, concert halls, and the like - aren't suitable for her younger audience.
So take her to the mall. Kids love malls. The acoustic thing will give her a chance to at least feign credibility. And the 48 hour notice gimmick will make each show an event (front page of the local paper, hapless music critics forced to waste afternoons jockeying for space with 14-year-old girls in front of The Gap only to be distracted by half-off sale on fuzzy sweaters).
Now if we could just do something about the actual music...

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