Saturday, March 20, 2004

Honey and Tryptophan

Broken Social Scene
Bee hives
Arts & Crafts

The day after Thanksgiving is always a mixed blessing. On the one hand, the memory of a fresh-from-the-bird turkey dinner still lingers on your palette. This fills you with hope, for you know that surely there must be more turkey to be had. And surely there is - only now in the form of leftovers. And here is where hope meets disappointment. Sure, it's still turkey. But it's a little bit dry now. Especially the white meat. And it's got that artificial warmth only the microwave can provide. B-side albums, specifically those that follow the sort of brilliance one might find in Thanksgiving dinner or Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People, are generally like this warmed over foul - somewhat wasted reminders of better times. Bee hives is not leftover turkey. It feels more like the time in between Thanksgiving and the day after - an album born in that sleepy, post-dinner, tryptophan afterglow. The love and joy of YFIIP remains. But it comes now in soft, gentle lullabies (Marketfresh), vibrant technicolour dreams (Backyards, Da Da Dada) and lazy slumbers (Weddings, Ambulance for the Ambiance). Then we awake to piano and Leslie Feist and a drop-dead gorgeous reworking of Lover's Spit. It is now apparently time we grow old and do some shit. If only to distract us from the anticipation we already feel for next Thanksgiving.

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