Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Gogo No-Go
Karen Bliss digs up the dirt on what exactly happened with the Junos' Blues Album of the Year nomination. Apparently one of the albums wasn't "original" enough. And, of course, no one figured this out until weeks after the nominations had been announced.

In Juno-related news, the Weakerthans say they're more than happy with their nomination. Sort of. In a "guilty pleasure" sort of way if nothing else.

The way things are going though, I dare say they shouldn't get too comfortable with that nod. Hmm. Has their originality been confirmed yet?

(Completely insular note: Good to see ex-UWO Gazette Arts Editor Megan O'Toole - assuming it's the same Megan O'Toole - still writing about music. Ex-UWO Gazette Arts Editors: they're everywhere.)

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