Sunday, March 21, 2004

Free for all
To the current Album of the Year Battle Royale - already featuring Leslie Feist, Kanye West and Nellie McKay - playing itself out on the discman, add Wilco's A Ghost Is Born, which seems only to get better with repeated listens at increasing levels of volume.
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was all about Wilco going to war (with their sound, with their limits, with their ambitions, with themselves - and, afterwards, with the industry). It was a report from the frontlines (Yan-kee... Ho-tel... Fox-trot...) of Tweedy's migraines. Joy came in the accomplishment of having succeeded and, maybe more importantly, survived.
A Ghost Is Born finds them back home - resting in the arms of their best girls and wrestling with the past, the present, the future and the inevitable question, "What next?"
Or so goes today's unified theory...

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