Tuesday, March 9, 2004

The disorder came later, with the divorce of the parents.
All good things come to France first. For instance, Leslie Feist's long-awaited second solo album, Let It Die (note: I have only this example to back up that original theory).
Le Monde is showing Feist le love. Or so I assume, my French being what it is (that is nearly non-existent - I feel your pain Belinda).
French version of the story here. Unintentionally hilarious Google translation here.
For our French speaking friends there's also: "L'├ępure ├ęparse de Feist"
And the English translation: "The scattered diagram of Feist"
Short clips of the new album - including her covers of Ron Sexsmith and the BeeGees (?!) - can be heard here (though I'm having troubles viewing that page).
Finally, thanks to beloved technology, Let It Die is already popping up on the Internet. To keep this fair, I'll download it (since I was going to get it for free anyway), give it a listen and let you know how it is. Then you can all wait another two months to buy it. Deal?
Didn't think so.

(Thanks to Feist's friend Tab for all this.)

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