Tuesday, March 2, 2004

The Cutting Room Floor Vol. 1, No. 1
The first in what might become a continuing series featuring stuff people said to me that for whatever reason didn't make it into your morning Post.

In this edition, the Tangiers' Josh Reichmann (full story in tomorrow's paper; sneak peek at new album coming here soon).

On the departure of guitarist Yuri Didrichsons:
"Yuri, I have no idea where he is. He’s like one of my best friends. But I haven’t talked to him. And there’s no bad blood. I just don’t know where he is. We really haven’t heard from him. Like kind of after our last show, I helped put his amp in a cab and it was understood that that was his last show with us cause he needed a major break for music. But when you’ve celebrated someone’s defeats and celebrations and life for a few years and you’re not a kid, that’s a good friend. But, anyway, it’s not your problem. He was a main part of our band, but if his leaving or any one person’s leaving felt like the end of the band, we would’ve ended it."

On the renewed emphasis on lyrics and vocals for the new record:
"I think people enjoyed the delivery and got the gist — which is always the most fun for songs anyway in a sense, except for people that it really matters what they’re saying. But there were people demanding lyrics. Because I think you get little hints that there’s some plot or something going on other than yelping. So for this record, the vocals are not only louder but there was an effort to make that element of writing more decipherable."

On the addition of ex-Guided By Voices drummer Jon McCann:
"Getting someone in who’s first of all mature enough that they’ve done, I mean, really done it before. There’s no question of intention. He’s not unsure about what he’s going to do with us. I don’t know if he’ll play with us forever, but at least he says that. He doesn’t have delusions because he’s toured Europe and thrown up. And it’s really fun to hear the stories and it humbles your idea of what it is to have success."

On the tour rider of one-time tour-mates Frank Black & Co.:
"They had dip and carrots. But they were American so they had lots of kind of tacos or something kind of fried. Why would you want that every night? They had a pretty comfortable existence."

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