Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Busy Bush Watch, Day 1
"The president, of course, is the president, and he does have a schedule to keep, but he has said that he will sit with the chairman and with the co-chairman and that he will answer whatever questions they have. And I'm quite certain he will take as long as they need to answer those questions," Condoleezza Rice told Tim Russert Sunday morning on Meet The Press.
"Several hours, a day if they need?" Russert asked.
"Well, I would hope that they would recognize that he's president and that people would be judicious in the use of his time," Dr. Rice replied.

Indeed he is the president. And indeed he has many things to do each day. Many things that are apparently more important than lending his insight and knowledge (stop laughing) to help the country better understand the events leading up to and ramifications of that big important event he's been basing his re-election campaign on.

From now until the President speaks with the 9/11 commission, we'll be keeping an eye on his schedule (courtesy of The Note), with regular updates as to what pressing matters of the moment are keeping Bush from devoting more time to the investigation. Without further ado...

Day 1: President Bush participates in St. Patrick's Day festivities in Washington, D.C.

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