Monday, March 8, 2004

Bleeding Hearts
Wells, Coyne, Cosh, Kinsella and Nestruck are all over the Liberal family feuds.

-Coyne's all over, well, everything. Including a Conservative debate or some sort. Apparently they're electing a leader or something (?). Who knew.
-Wells continues to helps us Anglophones out with the French papers.
-Nestruck is representin' us lowly arts reporters with a biting critique of the Liberals' new logo.
-Cosh seems to say that Tony Valeri is just slightly better than a baked ham (hell of a potential campaign slogan for our Transport Minister me thinks).
-And finally, Warren Kinsella. After grousing about the Martinites and the fact that he wasn't allowed to vote in Hamilton, Kinsella fires this shot at MP Carolyn Parrish:
"March 7, 2004 - Hey! Here's a neat new game! Let's call it Mass Slander. The rules are simple: defame entire countries, and then get rewarded with a prized Liberal Party candidacy - for example, call Americans 'bastards' who you 'hate,' or accuse unnamed Israelis of 'crimes against humanity.'
And you win! It's that simple!"

Fair enough. Martin is due much criticism for allowing an MP with such a record to seek candidacy solely so that he might maintain an uncontested grip on power and further wipe clean the slate of Chretien loyalists (in this case the man Parrish defeated, former Chretien cabinet minister Steve Mahoney).

But wasn't it Kinsella's guy - Jean? Jean Chretien? Remember him? - who allowed Parrish and her hate to fester, with inaction more or less granting such stuff his blessing? Couldn't he have effectively snuffed out Parrish's political career in the immediate aftermath of her anti-American rant?

Instead, he let it slide. And now, she's bouncing one of his boys from government.

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