Monday, March 22, 2004

And another thing...
Last time I'll talk about Courtney Love for at least several hours. Promise.
But the cover of The New Yorker for last week provides an interesting footnote to Monday's column in the Post, in which I make passing mention of Martha Stewart.
The New Yorker's cover story is touted as "Enabling Martha." Within, Jeffrey Toobin argues that it was Martha's need to be surrounded by loyal minions that led to her downfall. Much the same language is being used to describe those who would support Courtney Love at this time - most of them hissed at as "enablers" on Internet messageboards.
Over at Blender (referencing The New Yorker and Blender in the same blog post - that has to be a first), the esteemed editorial board of boob-loving music geeks has assembled a list of the "50 Craziest Pop Stars Ever!" Courtney comes in at #13. And, by comparison, her recent antics seem rather tame.
The Top Five:
1. Michael Jackson: nuff said
2. Brian Wilson: drugs, psychosis, three years in bed
3. Axl Rose: once had two elephants delivered to his home by helicopter
4. Whitney Houston: went to Israel, proclaimed Jewishness
5. Sly Stone: drugs, sex, and a profound interest in guns

Some of the also-rans, and their greatest hits:

6. Peter Green: grew finger nails so long he wouldn't have to play guitar
10. Ozzy Osbourne: tried to kill Sharon
20. Ike Turner: drug addict, wifebeater
22. Jerry Lee Lewis: married 13-year-old cousin
26. Iggy Pop: once lived solely on German sausage for a year
27. Keith Moon: brief fascination with Nazism
31. Lee Perry: worshipped bananas
39. Miles Davis: drug addict, wifebeater
41. David Bowie: brief fascination with Nazism
46. Sid Viscious: charged with murdering his junkie lover Nancy Spungen, before OD'ing on heroin

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