Tuesday, March 23, 2004

All good things come from Windsor
Received a rather breathless e-mail this evening from Amanda Newman at Paper Bag Records. Apparently, Plastikman has scheduled a concert for Montreal in June.
Why does this matter? Well, because Richie Hawtin hasn't done a Plastikman show in NINE YEARS.
It says here that said show will be June 3 at the Mutek festival.
"Hawtin describes the show as a rare, one-night performance incorporating multiple media with the artist controlling all parameters of the event. As with his DJ sets, he will also involve unprecedented new artistic technologies - all developed and customised for this show."
Lots of people and things involved in the show, including: Derivative Inc., Crush Inc., Ableton, AG and Digidesign.
"Turkish video artist Ali Mahmut Demirel, who directed the eye-popping video for the 'Disconnect' (novamute/Minus) single, as well as new media event producer/curator Kevin McHugh have both contributed to Hawtin's plans."
Surely more to be announced in the coming week's at the Plastikman site.
See you there then maybe.

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