Monday, February 23, 2004

Weekend Wrap/Cleaning out the closet
Sasha Frere-Jones on Kanye West.

Meet The Press: I salute any show that can prove to me that Arnold is smarter than I thought in the first half hour, while, in the second half hour, convince me Nader is even more insane than previously believed.

Broken Social Scene's new disc of b-sides and rarities, Beehives, is warm and lovely like a hot bath.

RJD2's new stuff is also like a bath. But a rather lukewarm one at best. And maybe a touch too relaxed.

Controller.Controller's History might just teach Toronto's legions of skinny white kids to dance (no small accomplishment). Can't understand why they're not Carl Wilson's "cup of tea."

Nellie McKay's debut, Get Away From Me, is startling - quite unlike anything. Ever (in that it's like so many things that have never before been married). But anybody who can write a song about Liberal guilt that references "Senator Wellstone" is aiight by me. As I say in Monday's Post, think Norah Jones on crack. A hyper-literate, exuberant, street-smart, possibly insane 19-year-old pianist who can sigh a torch song as readily as she raps. Un. Be. Liveable. And the back story. Check the bio. Cousin of Dylan Thomas? Dabbled in stand-up comedy? Maybe the start of something really, really interesting.

Meanwhile, Ben Rayner quite rightly takes JACK FM to task.

Various impressions of the Conservative leadership debate.

The NDP continues to push the idea that Paul Martin is a Brian Mulroney for the 21st Century.

Ed Broadbent has a blog.

But, most importantly, my Wolverines still have hope.

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