Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Various artists
Pitchfork reviews the first Broken Social Scene record, Feel Good Lost.
Since We Last Spoke - the new stuff from RJD2 - is out there. Haven't listened to it yet.
As is the Broken Social Scene b-sides and rarities collection, Beehives. How did Arts & Crafts let that get out? Anyway. Listening to it now. It's loverly.
Have spent a great deal of time re-listening to The Walkmen's Bows and Arrows and like it more and more. They're in Toronto March 3.
MarkP has started writing for the aforementioned Pitchfork. Soon he too will be turning obscure emo basement rappers into world-beating super-heroes.
The Backstreet boys: apparently not dead. And counting on Clive Davis to save them.
Ben Moody is now working with Kelly Clarkson. And he's been getting songwriting tips from Avril.
And in the time it took to read this post, Norah Jones sold another 14,000 albums.

... gosh this new version of Lover's Spit is purty...

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