Sunday, February 15, 2004

This is what I meant by ETC
Sorry for all the non-music entries. Just too much crazy shizznit going on (yes, I just said shizznit).
Anyway. According to polls - which are, it should be noted, always accurate reflections of reality - national unity is crumbling and the Liberals are on their way to a minority government, if not complete defeat.
If these numbers are the same, if not worse, in a month, you are officially allowed to care. Otherwise, let's not get too excited just yet.

In other news... here's a speech Jack Layton gave at Duke University. Shouldn't have quoted Chomsky, but some interesting observations nonetheless, including:

"Over the last century of Canadian politics, we have had three Prime Ministers who are fundamentally integrationist: Wilfrid Laurier, Brian Mulroney and now Paul Martin.
Wilfrid Laurier was defeated over integrationist policies in 1911.
Brian Mulroney was indeed re-elected over those policies in 1988, thanks to an ancient voting system, but as the impacts of those policies became clear, his party suffered the worst political defeat in the history of the Western world in the following election.
History shows Paul Martin is entering dangerous territory in aggressively pursuing integrationist policies immediately before an election – and immediately after several decisions by the Bush Administration that are deeply unpopular in Canada, the Iraq War and Kyoto chief among them."

Also. In the NDP's latest newsletter (not that I would ever read such pinko propaganda), the party raises the issue of Monia Mazigh:
"Earlier this week it was reported in the news that Monia Mazigh, wife of Maher Arar was considering running for the NDP in the next federal election. What do you think? E-mail us your thoughts."
Interesting. The party was apparently ready to introduce their latest star candidate last Tuesday. But she, as linked to above, begged off - wanting some more time to consider her options. Seems maybe the party is having some second thoughts too.

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