Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Random Canadian music stuff...
Ron Sexsmith's new album will be out in April. He says it's more of a real rock record. "The exact opposite" of Cobblestone Runway - but in a good way.
Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew says he has a finished copy of the Feist album (and claims to have had one SINCE OCTOBER?!) and it's fabulous. Apparently release is tied up in dealings with the label in France.
Both he and Torq Campbell of Stars say Amy Milan (also of Stars) has a great solo record on her hands. Torq says it's been demo'd - a mixture of bluegrass and power pop.
Torq also brings news of the next Stars record. Band has been busy sharing a house in Quebec, writing, recording and such. Promises it will be "one of the 50 greatest albums ever."
There's also his own solo album to anticipate (he offered a really great description that involved sleeping medication, but I'll have to dig it up later).
Also: Kinnie Starr. Currently half done an album to be released in 2005. Sounds "wicked" apparently. One request, STOP ASKING HER ABOUT CIRQUE! She can't really talk about it anyway. Ya know, lawyers and stuff.

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