Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Puzzling and Unfunny
Hey, Gwai Lo noticed. I'm touched. Really. I'm glad he found something worth talking about in that last column. Not sure if I have yet.
I disagree with him though on the School Spirit skits (and, as a result, find myself in agreement with SFJ). My objection isn't with the basic idea of a rap album being contradictory. We might actually need more of that - or maybe more indication that rappers, like Kanye, feel conflicted and self-conscious.
My objection is based solely on the fact that a) I don't particularly like skits on rap records - or any records for that matter save for an outright comedy record and b) I don't think the skits work all that well on Kanye's record.
Maybe if they'd been sprinkled throughout - like a running gag - they might have flowed with the rest of the album. But, as is, they form sort of a rut in the middle of the record that I inevitably skip over.
Gwai Lo's right about Last Call. It's long. But it's interesting and funny. Not really something you're going to listen to everytime you play the record, but worth a listen. Or two. Or three.
Still wish Kanye'd kept My Way on the record though.

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