Friday, February 20, 2004

Investigative reporting
JamShowbiz (I outright refuse to put the lame exclamation point in there) has a very long-winded story about the Junos that somehow manages to say absolutely nothing. It's apparently supposed to be about how the Junos don't really help artists in terms of record sales, but it also manages to trot out the tired old argument that you have to make it big in the States before Canadian audiences take notice and then Choclair professes that this year's Junos herald the emergence of some great new Canadian artists. For instance, er, Kazzer?
Listen, if this year's Junos were all about heralding the new wave of outstanding Canadian talent, Broken Social Scene, Stars, the Stills, Unicorns, Hidden Cameras, Jim Guthrie, (as well as Buck 65, Hawksley Workman and Rufus Wainwright) etc, etc, etc... would be all over the nomination list. Make no mistake (and I know this sounds terribly cheesy), we are experiencing a truly special time in Canadian music. But it has nothing to do with the Junos.
And second of all, if you really want to talk about the ramifications of a Juno nomination, how about looking at the actual numbers - in this case the chart positions because we don't have the actual sales stats (something Jam most likely has, but doesn't publish - for whatever reason).

Post-Juno nominations:

Sarah McLachlan moved up one spot, from #8 to #7.
Nickelback lost one, from #11 to #12.
Michael Buble gained one, from #24 to #23.
Nelly Furtado lost four, from #31 to #35.
Billy Talent dropped two, from #38 to #40.
Three Days Grace lost nineteen spots, from #35 to #54.
Celine Dion dropped three, from #87 to #90.
Sam Roberts remained the same at #91.
Finger Eleven lost fourteen, from #79 to #93.

To review then:
Truly outstanding talent neglected? Check.
Nomination process in dispute? Check.
Tangible evidence that no one's paying attention? Check.

One of maybe three things will happen now:
1) The Junos will soldier on oblivious.
2) Juno organizers will realize their faults and dramatically overhaul our national music awards.
3) A new award will be launched to fill the void.

My hunch: Keep your eye out for number three.

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