Wednesday, February 18, 2004

... to be fair, 14,000 was probably a conservative estimate. Because, according to her label, Norah Jones' Feels Like Home has debuted at number one in 16 different countries now.

They are: the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada, Columbia, and New Zealand.

Granted, it takes sales of just over two dozen records to make #1 in Iceland, but still...

Meanwhile, her year-old debut rose to #18 in the US, #16 in the UK, #2 in Ireland, #3 in Germany, #8 in France, and #3 in Denmark.


The full self-congratulatory blow job from her label here.

Note: If you hear even the tiniest peep from an EMI official over the next few weeks lamenting the decline of the record industry, beat them furiously about the head.

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